…on the Path to the Noosphere

First, there was the Geosphere, then the Biosphere and now the Noosphere.
This sequence is the time-line of evolution.
Initially, on Earth, chemical, geological, geochemical evolution emerged. The biological evolution followed. It leads to the progressive development of cell, body systems and body-mind systems. Offspring of the latter were mind-culture systems that formed societies. All these systems together are information processors and communicators. So far, a conceptual, general frame. However, what is the storyline behind this frame?

Individual vs Collective?

…first of all, we are a social animal; …second to this, we behave like an invasive species; …third, we are not innocent, possibly ignorant, hopefully caring although for our seven billion humans.

The Age of Transition Blog

I am noticing that there seems to be a gentle stream of ‘retreatism’ in some modes of thought. The idea seems to be that the ‘crowd’ is bad, that social life is somehow corrupting and, that faced with the world situation, and the Anthropocene in particular we have to move into our own, somehow special individuation.

To me this is a partial truth, and needs expansion. It may also be true that in specific times of life, when aging, or facing immanent death, or in the midst of illness, this may be the best thing for some of us to do. I just don’t think it is a good strategy for a general approach to deal with ecological crisis or political instability. Because we recognise that humans affect the world, does not mean we can correct the effects by ‚going away‘. All life forms affect the world. At the moment…

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Earth seconds: Evolution did a great job!

La Muse des Géologues du Boulou
La Muse des Géologues du Boulou

When counted in Earth-seconds, our human history is a story of a few minutes or hours.

Counting Earth-seconds, living plants and animals populate the planet since some years, at best since two decades; first they lived in the sea and much later they lived on land as well.
Using the same folded time scale – folded by 31 million – the beginning of microbiological life on our planet dates back hundred to hundred-twenty years from today or up to four billion Earth-seconds ago. That is a century of Earth-years before more developed forms of life could emerge on planet Earth.
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Terraformer’s Dépêches

Source: Terraformer’s Dépêches  — weekly edition!

Editor’s note

Sapere Aude, the century old call of European enlightenment still is out, listened to and on offer to be listened to. Nowadays, while we humans discovered our terraforming skills, recognized collaterals of our aeon-old activities, and are the main agency of this world, it is time to assume duty of stewardship in a world where dichotomy of ‚culture‘ and ’nature‘ is gone. It’s time to be the ‚first servant of our world‘.
Ukko El’Hob