Individual vs Collective?

…first of all, we are a social animal; …second to this, we behave like an invasive species; …third, we are not innocent, possibly ignorant, hopefully caring although for our seven billion humans.

Anthropocene Transitions Blog

I am noticing that there seems to be a gentle stream of ‘retreatism’ in some modes of thought. The idea seems to be that the ‘crowd’ is bad, that social life is somehow corrupting and, that faced with the world situation, and the Anthropocene in particular we have to move into our own, somehow special individuation.

To me this is a partial truth, and needs expansion. It may also be true that in specific times of life, when aging, or facing immanent death, or in the midst of illness, this may be the best thing for some of us to do. I just don’t think it is a good strategy for a general approach to deal with ecological crisis or political instability. Because we recognise that humans affect the world, does not mean we can correct the effects by ‚going away‘. All life forms affect the world. At the moment…

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