The earth’s days are numbered – Thanks to Humanity.

Sounding out the ‚anthropocene’…?


Introduction to the Anthropocene and its key propositions.        

To start this off the right way it is first and most important that we clearly define what the Anthropocene is and why every single person in the world should be taking note of this relatively new scientific term. Currently the world is classified in the interglacial epoch called the Homocene but scientists around the world have been arguing for a number of years that we are fast emerging into a new planetary state that should be called the Anthropocene.  Most writings related to the Anthropocene suggest that it started in the late eighteenth century, when the rapidly growing combustion of fossil fuels began to change the global atmosphere’s composition. Ever since then the impact of human activity has begun to equal the geological forces in both speed and intensity. (Gisli et al: 4)

Looking at a number…

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