CultTheory CFP: Climate Realism: The Aesthetics of Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere

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Climate Realism:

The Aesthetics of Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere

Edited by Lynn Badia, Marija Cetinić, and Jeff Diamanti

Climate Realism names the challenge of representing and conceptualizing climate in the era of climate change. Climate has traditionally referenced the weather it gathers, the mood it creates, and the settings it casts. In the era of the Anthropocene — the contemporary epoch in which geologic conditions and processes are overwhelmingly shaped by human activity — climate indexes not only atmospheric forces but the whole of human history: the fuels we use, the lifestyles we cultivate, the industrial infrastructures and supply chains we build, and the possible futures we may encounter. In other words, with every weather event, we have become acutely aware that the forces indexed by climate are as much social, cultural, and economic as they are environmental, natural, and physical. By starting…

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