Put your team to the test

p.s. What I learned early, teams are never stable. Make this their strength and your challenge.

Changing Learning and Working

Featured image from Humans of SBE. It shows Wim Gijselaers, Full Professor in Education & Chair of the Department of Educational Research & Development

It happened as an accident, one of those side-effects of doing research on teams. A colleague was researching teams and needed to select the best task for it. She already settled on a flight simulator game and analyzed the game in detail, comparing different missions. To pilot the task, guinea pigs were needed. Our small department was perfect for it, and she made all of us fly and crash planes. Also all students of the master program my department offers sit in a flight simulator (When I was studying this was a helicopter simulator). Here is a list of reasons why you should do this with your team:

  • It is fun. Unless it gets ugly.
  • If it gets ugly, you (finally) learned the true characters…

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