#Tweets 6, 7, 8 on #Evolution

6. Reproduction – boundaries: self-replication confined to an enclosed space. “Stuff” outside a
closed boundary is excluded from the replication; that’s self-replication. Boundaries limit the “self-replicating structure” and its “environment”. Excluding structures outside a limiting boundary from a replication process turns that replication process into a reproduction process. Reproduction is about reading and applying information for the purpose to replicate a “limited structure” before it breaks up. Thus, reproduction is about processing a limited set of information in a race against time.


7. Reproduction – targets:
First, to timely access resources outside the limits of the structure that is reproducing itself. These resources are energy and matter. Second, to appropriately transfer these resources into the structure that is to reproduce. Third, use these resources for reproduction; thus building a new structure with its proper outer boundary. For successful reproduction, these three targets have to be met before the ‚to be replicated‘ structure breaks up.

8. Reproduction – fitness: modest reproduction efficiency. Namely that, within a limited elapse of time and for the purpose to self-replicate, a limited structure transports matter as well as energy and processes information. Evolution happens if the self-replication is not faithful. Reproduction errors occur and variations of the original structure form with varying efficiency. The least fit variants do not replicate before they break-up, so they “die” and other survive.

From: http://ukkoelhob.blogspot.de/2015/08/thirteen-tweets-on-evolution.html


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