Today’s #tweets on #evolution

To summarize the processes that shaped and continue to shape the evolution of planet Earth, human cultures included, thirteen statements, tweets are formulated. When the specific physical, chemical, biological and cultural processes are “liberated” from their respective details, then their common features come evident. These tweets show these common features, e.g. a thread of generic processes that describe the planetary evolution of Earth.

Tweet 3/13,  4/13  &  5/12

Self-assembling: simple components aggregate to more complex structures. The aggregation of the components is spontaneous with in the respective environment. It happens without any other external driver. These „aggregated components“ show new characteristics, which are more than the sum of the characteristics of their components. Getting their turn, these „aggregated components“ spontaneously aggregate again; and so on.


Replication: copying an original structure. Replication is about, at least, to keep a copy of the initial structure while the original structure has broken apart. Replication is achieved, if that process has come through before the „to be replicated“ structure starts to break up. Thus, the replication process is competitive. An efficient replication process multiplies the original structure before it breaks up. A replication may not be entirely faithful but approximate only and, so, leads to variants of the original structure.

Self-replication: structures replicate themselves. A self-replicating structure is understood as „living“. The self-replicating process is called reproduction. An approximately self-replicating structure is changing its features, and that is what biological evolution is about.

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