#Tweets on #Evolution

To summarize the processes that shaped and continue to shape the evolution of planet Earth, human cultures included, thirteen statements, tweets are formulated. When the specific physical, chemical, biological and cultural processes are “liberated” from their respective details, then their common features come evident. These tweets show these common features, e.g. a thread of generic processes that describe the planetary evolution of Earth.

Tweet  2/13

The science of evolution: a philosophical insight and a story about the development from stardust to social networks. Evolution has a much wider scope than describing ’survival of species‘. Evolution is more than weeding out ‚the least fit‘ for an environment with limited resources. Evolution is an iterative process to assemble and replicate increasingly complex structures. The key feature of biological evolution is self-replication, thus reproduction. Competition is for efficient processing of energy, matter and information to support reproduction.


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